Time to Stand for Brimbank City Council

Do you want to have a role in shaping the future of Brimbank City Council? Are you passionate about making a positive contribution to your community?  Then now is the time to put your hand up to take on one of the most important leadership opportunities in Australia that enables you to make a difference. 

Councils are the closest level of government to community. To represent their communities successfully, they need great quality candidates to put their hand up for election.   

If you have a passion for your local area, Brimbank City Council is calling all community leaders and potential candidates to get inspired through the Municipal Association of Victoria’s (MAV) Stand for Council campaign.  

To support potential candidates, Brimbank City Council in partnership with the MAV, is hosting regional-based information sessions to provide information and inspiration.  

The Metropolitan West session will be hosted by Wyndham City Council on Wednesday 5 June 2024.  

The MAV will also be providing a Citizen to Councillor Guide 2024 – a guide for prospective candidates to further understand the roles and responsibilities of a councillor and the importance of this elected position.  

Brimbank City Council CEO Fiona Blair said the importance of strong local leadership could not be understated.  

“Brimbank Council has a rich legacy of community representation, made possible by the dedication of our community leaders.

“I encourage anyone contemplating candidacy to attend the upcoming session or join virtually. The Stand for Council session will provide valuable insights to those considering on embarking on the journey of becoming a Councillor.”

MAV CEO Kelly Grisby said the MAV Stand for Council campaign is designed to encourage and support a diverse range of candidates from across the Victorian community including first nations, and new and emerging communities. 

“If you are thinking of nominating for council as a candidate, these sessions and resources will help you to further consider the broad responsibilities of a councillor, the wide range of issues you will be required to make decisions about and the time commitment,” Ms Grigsby explained.

For more information on the MAV Stand for Council campaign please visit the MAV website: mav.asn.au/stand-for-council-2024

Last updated: 8 May 2024 - 5:33pm