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Councillor Jasmine Nguyen
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Brimbank Innovation


  • Brimbank Arts Advisory Committee
  • Brimbank Youth Council 
  • Brooklyn Community Representative Group
  • Brimbank Economic and Employment Advisory Group (substitute)

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Get to know Cr Jasmine Nguyen

What is your connection to Brimbank?

I’m Brimbank born and bred. I was born at Sunshine Hospital and attended schools in the local area. My parents are Vietnamese refugees who made Brimbank our home for over 20 years and instilled in me the importance of showing our gratitude to our lucky country. Having lived, worked, and volunteered here my whole life, I’m passionate about continuing to give back to our community.

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Brimbank Community?

Definitely Brimbank’s rich multicultural diversity. We have a bit of a ‘rough’, ‘working-class’ reputation but we have a lot of potential. The people of Brimbank are super down-to-earth and friendly!

What are your greatest concerns for Brimbank?

The most pressing concern for me is helping our community recover from the pandemic. The west was hit harder than the rest of the state by COVID-19. We also need to address our youth disengagement and unemployment, and take stronger action on issues such as climate change and mental health.

What made you decide to run for Council?

I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see on Council. The Council was lacking a voice for the youth and I felt that we needed a stronger representation of our vulnerable CALD communities. Being an active volunteer, I also saw the role of Councillor as an opportunity to make a bigger and wider impact in my local area. It’s time for Brimbank to get fresh perspectives and create progressive change.

What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Brimbank City Councillor?

I hope to drive better outcomes for the future generations of Brimbank and transform Brimbank into a sustainable smart city. Let’s make Brimbank the powerhouse of the West!

What is your favourite thing to do in Brimbank?

Eating a bánh mì from the local deli and hanging out with Councillor Corgi Momo at Brimbank Park.

Last updated: 23 April 2024 - 1:10pm