Transforming Brimbank Program

Drawing overlay of proposed development on streets of Brimbank with City skyline in the distance
Trasnforming Brimbank Update Cover


Through extensive planning, research and engagement Council has identified a pathway for Brimbank’s evolution to a future city that is ambitious while also being realistic, desirable and positive.

From August 2020 to February 2021, Council undertook targeted stakeholder engagement including with State Government, key institutions, landowners, industry and business as well as the wider community.

Read about key milestones in the Transforming Brimbank Update 2021-22 (PDF 412KB) released in August 2022.


Future growth

Melbourne's Western Metro Region is one of the fastest-growing areas in Australia.  Today our population sits at just under 1 million people. By 2051 it is expected to be closer to 2 million, a city the size of Perth.

The Victorian State Government has identified Sunshine as Melbourne's only combined national employment and innovation cluster, metropolitan activity centre, state priority precinct, and transport Super Hub. By 2046 Sunshine should be within 45 minutes of 4 million people (Infrastructure Australia) following the completion of a number of State projects which will provide long-term ongoing benefits to our diverse and historically disadvantaged community. These include:

  • Melbourne Airport Rail (jointly funded with Federal Government)
  • Sunshine superhub
  • Metro Tunnel
  • Suburban Rail Loop
  • Western Rail Plan
  • Albion Station Redevelopment.

The Victorian Government expect the growth of Sunshine CBD to at least double, with:

  • 18,000 new jobs by 2051 (on top of the existing 16,000),
  • 28,000 new residents by 2051 (on top of the existing 27,000)

While the Victorian Government's target is to almost triple the existing numbers, with:

  • 29,000 new jobs by 2051 (on top of the existing 16,000)
  • 43,000 new residents by 2051 (on top of the existing 27,000)
Map of rail links and infrastructure developments

Recent Investments

Council’s data shows that since 2006, $249 million has been invested in residential and commercial developments in Sunshine CBD. This is on top of the current planning pipeline of development projects which total $372 million.

Council's efforts to transform Sunshine in recent years include:

Click here to explore this interactive map showing the Sunshine Station Masterplan  and Sunshine Activiity Centre Plus other developments based on applications status - planning application under consideration; VCAT; Planning decision made; Construction completed


Advocating for the Brimbank community with State and Federal Government bodies and other major stakeholders has always been a major priority for Council.

In September 2021, Council launched the ‘Let’s Build It Better Together Advocacy Campaign’ which included a formal petition as well as the release of an advocacy document which outlined key tasks.

Advocacy priorities are ranked starting from the top as 'Gold', 'Silver', 'Bronze' and 'Business as usual' (BAU).

Transforming Brimbank is a Gold priority for Council with advocacy for:

  • Sunshine Priority Precinct
  • Sunshine superhub
  • Albion Station
  • Albion Quarter
  • Sunshine Energy Park
  • Integrated transport


The Brimbank Advocacy Plan 2022 (PDF 2.3MB)  outlines Council’s key advocacy priorities and seeks partnerships to deliver key programs and infrastructure for the Brimbank community. It is a fundamental component of our strategy to transform Brimbank with four strategic directions:

  • - People and Community
  • - Places and Spaces
  • - Opportunity and Prosperity
  • - Leadership and Governance


Review our recent advocacy initiatives

Additional initiatives and information

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