Parking sensors

Silver coloured disc embedded in road surface

Introduction of parking sensors

Key information

  • Parking sensor technology has been installed and is now operating in public car parking spaces in Sunshine and St Albans town centres.
  • 100 sensors have been installed in total (50 in Sunshine and 50 in St Albans).
  • There are no changes to your obligations as a driver. You still need to obey the limits stated on parking signs.
  • There will be no changes to fine infringements or parking time limits.
  • See our parking in St Albans Map (PDF 11.5MB)
  • See our parking in Sunshine Map (PDF 1.4MB)

What is a parking sensor

A parking sensor is a small electronic device installed under the surface of a parking bay to detect and record the time a car arrives and leaves a parking space.

 Why are we introducing parking sensors?

We're committed to improving the way parking works and introducing innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Parking sensors are an efficient way for us  to manage parking in our busy town centres, and to ensure sufficient parking is available for everyone.

How do parking sensors work

The sensors record when a vehicle arrives in a parking space. If the vehicle overstays the maximum allowable time, the sensor will notify a parking officer. The officer will then check to see if a parking offence has occurred before issuing a fine

How accurate are parking sensors

They're extremely accurate. They record the exact time a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space. Each sensor conducts a self-test each morning to ensure it's in working order. If not, the sensor does not switch on for the day.

Do parking sensors effect how parking fines are issued

There'll be no changes to how infringements are issued or to parking time limits.

How can I contest my parking fine

By law, you can request a review of your fine/infringement. You can apply for a review of an infringement notice.

Where will the parking sensors be introduced?

Parking sensors are being introduced in selected on-street public car parking spaces in Alfrieda Street in St Albans and Devonshire Road in the Sunshine Town Centre.

How many sensors are being installed

100 parking sensors will be installed in selected on-street public car parking spaces in the St Albans and Sunshine Town Centres.

How will parking sensors affect me as a driver

There'll be no changes to your obligations as a driver. You still need to obey the limit on the parking sign.

How will parking sensors affect local traders/businesses

The introduction of parking sensors is expected to improve the turnover of parking to make it easier for visitors and customers to find an available parking space.

Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 2:18pm