Amendment C227brim - Sunshine Barley Terminals Silo

At its Special Council Meeting on 14 January 2021, Council resolved to request authorisation from the Minister of Planning to prepare and exhibit planning scheme amendment C227brim (the Amendment) to the Brimbank Planning Scheme to apply a Heritage Overlay to 2 Wright Street, Sunshine, commonly known as the Sunshine Silos.

The amendment seeks to implement the recommendations of the Sunshine Barley Terminal Silos - Heritage Citation (March 2021) and apply a Heritage Overlay (HO152) to the land at 2 Wright Street, Sunshine. The proposed Heritage Overlay will identify the curtilage area of the site occupied by the Sunshine Barley Terminal Silos as having local heritage significance.

Exhibition of the Amendment

The Amendment was exhibited from 24 February 2022 until 25 March 2022.

Exhibition of the Amendment has now closed.

    Planning panel hearing

    The panel held a directions hearing on Monday 25 July 2022 by video conference, followed by the Panel Hearing on Monday 29 August to Wednesday 1 September 2022, which was open to the public via Microsoft Teams. 

    The Chair has considered the merits of Exhibited Amendment C227brim and its findings are contained in the panel report (PDF 2.9 MB).

    Adopted by Council

    At its Council Meeting of 13 December 2022, Council considered the panel report and resolved to:

    a. Note the Planning Panel Report for Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C227brim.

    b. Note and endorse the Council officer consideration of the recommendations made in the Planning Panel Report for Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C227brim.

    c. Endorse changes to the Amendment C227brim.

    d. Adopt the modified Amendment C227brim under Section 29(1) of the Planning and Environmental Act 1987.

    e. Submit the modified Amendment C227brim to the Minister for Planning for approval in accordance with Section 31(1) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

    f. Write to the submitters to Amendment C227brim advising of Council’s decision.

    The adopted amendment is contained with the Council report available on Council’s website.

    What's next

    The Amendment was submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval on 20 December 2022. If approved by the Minister for Planning, the Amendment will come into effect when a notice is gazetted in the Government Gazette.

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