Our Advocacy Plan 2022 outlines our advocacy priorities and seeks partnerships to deliver programs and infrastructure for the Brimbank community.
Our Age friendly city plan provides the direction for Council to create opportunities for ageing people to live fulfilling lives, where they actively participate in community life.
Our Albion Neighbourhood Plan sets out a long term vision to guide the development of Albion to ensure its special character is retained and enhanced, it improves as a functional and accessible place and it caters to the needs of all residents and visitors.
Our Albion Station Precinct Urban Design Principles guide the development of rail projects being delivered by Rail Projects Victoria around the Albion Station Precinct.
The Alfrieda Street Public Realm Masterplan is a strategic document outlining the future direction for one of the most significant activity centres in Brimbank.
Find information about our Annual Budget, Financial Plan and Revenue and Rating Plan.
We are committed to providing public assets that are safe, clean, and well-maintained for our community to use and enjoy now and into the future.
The Brimbank Advocacy Plan outlines our key advocacy priorities for the immediate and medium terms.
We are striving to ensure the settlement journey of refugees and other immigrants is sustainable and optimises opportunities for everyone.
Our Car parking management plans focus on managing the parking needs of residents, traders and commuters in the Sunshine and St Albans activity centres.
The Brimbank Carer Support Plan 2022-25 was designed in consultation with over 100 local carers and sets up our actions aligned with the priorities of the Victorian Carer Strategy 2018-22.
Our Climate Change Adaptation Framework provides a clear direction for building climate resilience within our community and within our services and operations.
Our Climate Emergency Plan outlines our position statement on the climate emergency, with the aim it orientates social transformation with Council taking a municipal leadership role.
Our Community Services and Infrastructure Plan 2018-2038 explains how Council will plan and deliver needed services
The Brimbank Community Vision 2040 describes the community’s vision and priorities for the next 20 years.
Together We are Brimbank incorporates our Council plan. Community vision and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.
The policy directs how we improve Brimbank's parks and playgrounds
The Deer Park Corridor Urban Design Principles have been prepared to establish a consistent message from Council and provide certainty to the design and delivery teams when negotiating appropriate outcomes on rail-related projects along the Deer Park Rail Corridor.
Our Disability Action Plan 2022-26 will help reduce barriers for people with a disability in accessing goods, services and facilities, and drive change in attitudes and practices where needed.
Our Domestic Animal Management Plan seeks to balance the needs of pet owners, the broader community and the animals that share people’s lives.
The scope of works for the Electric Line Clearance Management Plan is to inspect, manage and maintain clearance of vegetation from Powercor, Jemena, and Metro Trains Melbourne Electricity Networks.
Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) are assessed as part of the planning process to ensure positive outcomes for all new development in Brimbank.
Our Errington Precinct Master Plan sets the direction for an attractive and welcoming community space that is easy to move around within the heart of St Albans.
The Action Plan provides a ‘road map’ to help guide Council’s work program across the Centre. It provides Council, the community, business owners, property owners and relevant agencies with an agreed and shared approach to the future management and enhancement of the Centre.
The Green Gully Reserve Northern Precinct Enhancement Plan provides a long term strategy that will guide the future provision, enhancement and improvement of sport, recreation and community infrastructure and amenities for the northern end of Green Gully Recreation Reserve.
Our Green Wedge Management Plan provides a vision and set of objectives for the Brimbank component of the Sunbury Green Wedge.
We've joined with five other councils from Melbourne’s west to plant and manage up to one million trees and associated understorey of mixed native plantings. 
H.V. McKay Memorial Gardens have been an important part of people’s lives in Brimbank for over 100 years. The gardens are of great historical significance as they're the earliest example of an industrial garden in Victoria and the only heritage listed garden in Brimbank.
Our Habitat Connectivity Plan directs priorities for conservation land management and habitat improvement so that investment is made where it most benefits indigenous flora and fauna.
The community, businesses, and key stakeholders helped develop the Master Plan which reflects Hampshire Road's role in community life, business, and day to day activities.
Our Homelessness Implementation Plan outlines the various roles that Council can play in adopting a more integrated, flexible and coordinated approach to preventing and responding to homelessness in Brimbank.
The J.R. Parsons Reserve Community Vision and Site Plan outlines the community's preferred direction for the future development of JR Parsons Reserve, including the improvement projects needed to achieve the vision.
The Keilor Downs Urban Design Framework establishes an integrated vision for future development of the Keilor Downs Activity Centre.
The Keilor Village Vision document provides guidance for potential future development and land use within the Keilor Village Town Centre.
Four key priority areas have been identified to ensure the Brimbank LGBTQIA+ community is included, empowered, safe and supported.
A two-year Mental Wellbeing Plan has been developed to support improved mental wellbeing in the community.
Our Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) addresses the prevention of, response to, and recovery from, emergencies in Brimbank.
The Public Art Policy and Plan sets out a clear vision for public art in Brimbank
The Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-21 supports Council’s vision for reconciliation and embraces unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.
The Road Management Plan Review is to ensure that the standards regarding inspection, maintenance and repair of roads and classes of road (to which the Road Management Plan applies) are appropriate.
Our Social Justice Charter affirms Council’s commitment to the principles of access, equity, participation and human rights.
The Sports Facility Development Plan identifies the key sporting infrastructure challenges posed by recreation participation trends and population change in Brimbank.
The St Albans Activity Centre Precinct Structure Plan provides a strategic and integrated plan for the future development of the St Albans Activity Centre. 
Our Sunshine Energy Park Vision Plan delineates the transformation of the 74-hectare site into a dynamic, future focused urban parkland.
The Sunshine Rising Action Plan provides a road map to guide the Council management and revitalisation work program for the Sunshine Town Centre.
The Sunshine Town Centre Structure Plan outlines our strategy for realising the Sunshine Town Centre’s full potential, and transforming it into the capital of Melbourne’s West.
The 2020 Sydenham Park Master Plan aims to build on the existing body of work that was produced as part of the Sydenham Park Strategic Plan May 2004. It is informed by Brimbank Planning Scheme, Council strategic documents and the Melbourne Airport Master Plan 2018 overlays.
The Sydenham Regional Activity Centre Structure Plan provides the framework for the future development of the Activity Centre and surrounding land uses.
Our Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025 is our plan for advancing gender equality in the workplace. Developing the Plan was a requirement of the Gender Equality Act 2020 and was developed following a workplace gender audit and consultation with employees, Councillors and Trade Unions.