Public notices

Newspaper  with magnifying glass highlighting Council Notices

Under the Local Government Act 2020 Council must publish public notices to inform our community on several matters related to Council meetings, planning updates and other issues where the public may wish to make a submission.

Any current notices will be listed on this page below.




Brimbank City Council’s Council Plan Action Plan Year 4 2024/2025, Financial Plan 2024-2034 and Annual Budget 2024/2025 were adopted following broad community consultation and public submissions. Council remains steadfast in delivering on the ‘Together We are Brimbank’ Council Plan 2021-2025 and the vision for a transformed Brimbank that is beautiful, thriving, healthy and connected.

Due to proposed changes to the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2020, the Victorian Electoral Commission has advised that current election timelines are no longer viable.

This is due to changes in enrolment entitlements, population growth, increased wards, more candidates, and reduced mail services.

To accommodate this, the Council’s caretaker period will start at 12pm on 17 September 2024, requiring changes to the September meeting schedule.

Last updated: 2 July 2024 - 1:07pm