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Are you looking to connect with a network that supports people living with disability?

The Brimbank Disability Network Group (BDNG) is a community-led group that provides a forum for residents, community interest groups, not-for-profit (NFP) businesses, state government representatives, and disability support services in Brimbank to connect, share and collaborate. For. over 15 years members of the BDNG have worked together to further understanding and awareness of local disability issues, concerns and opportunities. The BDNG provides a platform for connecting and adding value to services supporting people with disability in Brimbank by:

  • Collaborating – involves community members living with disability, disability service organisations and state government representatives to identify and respond to opportunities that reflect the need of people with disability.
  • Networking – involves exchange of information that facilitate partnerships, through a range of mechanisms, including bi-monthly meetings, on-line information e-mails and guest speakers.
  • Coordinating – identify and promote opportunities that support partnerships and increase positive outcomes for people living with disability.
  • Reflective Practices – Providing opportunities for members and relevant stakeholders to showcase and share their programs, projects and initiatives.

Community members sharing their personal stories of living with disability helps guide how we can break barriers and maximise opportunities:

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Membership is open to

  • people living with disability who live in Brimbank
  • service providers
  • not-for-profit agencies

To join, simply sign up for our mailing list on the form below. You will then receive invitations to BDNG meetings.

The Chair and co-chair are elected for a four-year term in accordance with the Council’s Disability Action Plan, which the council endorsed.   

The current BDNG Chair is Peter Thomson and the co-chair is Jenny Willis. See Peter's and Jenny's profiles from the Disability Advisory Committee

How we work

The Brimbank Disability Network Group meets every two months for two hours.

Funding is available for members of the group who need attendant care, transport, carer support or an interpreter service to participate in the group meetings.

Members will commit themselves to functioning in an environment that creates and extends opportunities for:

  • respectful and courteous communication
  • open communication remaining supportive and understanding of other members
  • cooperative group discussion and mutual support
  • respectfully sharing knowledge and experience to optimise collaboration, participation and information sharing 

Terms of reference

The Brimbank Disability Network Group Terms of Reference outline the BDNG's purpose, objectives, membership criteria, expectations, and meeting procedures. 

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