VicSmart Planning permit application


VicSmart is simpler and more straightforward.  It covers minor applications, such as:

  • Low-cost buildings and works in residential and rural zones;
  • Moderate-cost buildings and works in commercial and industrial zones;
  • Front fences;
  • Certain signage and subdivision types (read subdivision info below); and
  • Limited reduction to parking.

To proceed with the below form, find out if your type of works are eligible for a VicSmart application, by reading the requirements here.  The requirements also talk about certain zones and overlays, so find out what applies to your land.

If you're unsure of any of the above, contact City Development Services on 9249 4000.

Wait! Is this a Subdivision Application?

If your application is for any of the following VicSmart subdivision classes, then you're in the wrong place. Subdivision applications are processed through SPEAR and can only be lodged by a registered land surveyor. So jump on the SPEAR website to do this.

Classes of VicSmart Subdivisions are:

  • Realign the common boundary between two lots;
  • Subdivision of buildings and car parking spaces;
  • Subdivide land into two lots (not in a rural zone);
  • Subdivision in a heritage overlay;
  • Subdivision in a special building overlay; and
  • Two lot subdivision in a rural zone.

Please note, ‘other development types’ means those that meet VicSmart criteria e.g front fence, building and works in a particular zone/overlay, tree removal/lopping, signage, car parking reduction.

Type of development?

Last updated: 23 April 2024 - 2:10pm