Physical Activity Strategy


Brimbank residents are amongst some of the most vulnerable communities to a range of health issues.

The Physical Activity Strategy (PDF 3.3MB) is Council’s commitment to support and develop physical activity participation as part of its broader health and wellbeing approach.

It identifies five key focus areas:

  1. Life Stage
  2. Policy and the Built Environment
  3. Partnerships and Collaboration
  4. Advocate and Promote
  5. Consultation and Evaluation

This strategy is underpinned by the 10 principles of the Community Strengthening Policy.

  1. Availability and affordability
  2. Accessibility and equity
  3. Valuing and respecting diversity
  4. Social and economic inclusion
  5. Social connection, wellbeing and lifelong learning
  6. Valuing community contributions
  7. Strengthening and valuing community leadership and participation
  8. Informing and responding to the community
  9. Advocacy and partnerships
  10. Continuous improvement and sustainability

Follow our progress

graphic extraction from 2020-2021 report card

Physical Activity Strategy Report Card 2020 – 2021 (PDF 788KB)

Physical Activity Strategy Report Card 2019 – 2020  (PDF 2MB)



Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:59pm