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Councillor Virginia Tachos
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Brimbank Tourism


  • Brimbank Economic and Employment Advisory Group 
  • LeadWest Joint Delegated Committee 
  • Local Government Working Group on Gambling 
  • Western Melbourne Tourism Committee 
  • Australian Local Government Women's Association (Victorian Branch)

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Get to know Cr Virginia Tachos

What is your connection to Brimbank?

My connection to my community is through my involvement as a volunteer for the last 10 years. I started as a volunteer in local sports clubs then in tree planting and becoming a Brimbank Council Alumni and completing the leadership Victoria mentoring program through Brimbank Council. I have also served on two Business Association in Keilor and St Albans having worked locally.

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Brimbank Community?

Our diversity and the rich tapestry of all our collective stories and experiences from all corners of the world. We all bring something unique, something valuable, and we all matter.

What are your greatest concerns for Brimbank?

My greatest concerns start with our socio-economic disadvantage. As a Councillor, I feel a sense of duty morally and hope to, at a strategic level, ensure a large percentage of our programs and services are directed to close the gap of disadvantage so that everyone has access to opportunities to grow and thrive in Brimbank. Other concerns are the lack of access to green spaces compared to other local government areas in Victoria. Something that’s important not just for physical but are mental health as well, along with increasing green canopy to counter the heat island effects on vulnerable people. Another concern is legacy, current and future contamination and mitigating the risk to our community as well as reducing gambling and gamification harms on pour community.

What made you decide to run for Council?

I decided to run again to assist my community in its post COVID-19 recovery - to help re-build and strengthen my community’s ability to withstand challenges such as pandemics through our learnings on the things that matter. I believe local government plays an important role, being the closest to the people to support the community through the shocks, but also lead in the recovery phase. Local Council is committed to partnering with the State and Federal Government to help 'Transform Brimbank' into the 'Heart of the West'. We have a very unique opportunity as elected Councillors to help build a new 'Global Hub' with the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and I see my role as ensuring our community takes that journey with us and benefits from this unique transformation.

What do you hope to achieve in your term as a Brimbank City Councillor?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the response and recovery phase are very much at the forefront. I would like to advocate for more funds to meet the various needs of this vulnerable community, especially in mental health, family support, skills training and digital literacy. I would also like to play a significant role in helping the community to move from a survival mode to a thriving mode as part of the recovery phase from the pandemic. Last but not least I would like to make sure that by the end of this term our youth have a venue of their own - a ‘haven’ where they can meet and engage themselves in a healthy and constructive way.

What is your favourite thing to do in Brimbank?

My favourite things to do in Brimbank are going for hikes and walks through Taylors Creek, Brimbank Park and Organ Pipes, access to such magnificent heritage and green spaces is something I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to have nearby. I also enjoy dining locally and supporting local food and other businesses, it is local food and other retail businesses that kept our local economy strong and resilient, important when we encounter global shocks. Our community has such an amazing array of cuisines to offer local people and visitors, with 170 different cultures, living harmoniously - Brimbank really is the heart of the west.

Last updated: 23 April 2024 - 1:09pm