Construction environment management plan

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A Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) reduces the risk of harm to the natural environment and our community during the construction phase of a development. They outline the potential impacts of construction works and identify ways they may be reduced.

They ensure construction sites are appropriately managed and works are carried out in a responsible manner. And aim to protect our flora and fauna, waterways, built and natural assets and maintain healthy air quality.

What's included in a CEMP

A CEMP should outline the issues required to be managed onsite, including but not limited to:

  • public safety, amenity and site security
  • operating hours
  • noise and vibration controls
  • air and dust management
  • stormwater and sediment control
  • waste and materials reuse,
  • traffic management (if required), and;
  • any conditions of the Planning Permit that applies to the development.

Council offers a Pre-application meeting for CEMP applications (fee applies) 

Please e-mail Compliance Helpdesk for more information 

Templates and checklists

Each checklist provides links to reference material. Not all checklist items will apply to your site.

  • CEMP A0 template (50.2 KB)
  • Example CEMP (PDF 440.7 KB)
  • Example of response comments (23.7 KB)
  • Element 1: Public Safety, Amenity and Site Security checklist (85.3 KB)
  • Element 2: Air and Dust Management checklist (79.2 KB)
  • Element 3: Stormwater and Sediment Control checklist (75.5 KB)
  • Element 4: Biodiversity checklist (75.4 KB)
  • Element 5: Waste and Materials Management checklist (72.7 KB)

Contact Us

​​For more information about out of hours works you can speak with our Planning Compliance department by calling 03 9249 4000.

Creating and submitting your CEMP

  1. Transfer the required identified controls from the checklists as bullet points into the A0 plan template. You can have multiple A0 pages
  2. Include a site plan (scaled drawing or aerial map image) showing locations of identified controls such as:
  • location of stockpiles
  • sediment controls
  • entry/exit paths
  • traffic management. 
  1. Save your document as a single file
  2. Complete the Application CEMP ( 51.5 KB) and fees do apply
  3. Email your completed CEMP and application form to including the Planning Permit Number in the subject line.

Completed checklists are used by Council officers to assess your CEMP but do not form part of the approved CEMP.


Processing a CEMP

Allow at least four weeks for Council to assess and approve your CEMP. We may need to refer your plan to internal departments due to the location of your site and the type of works.

CEMPs will only be assessed when the correct and relevant information has been submitted. We will be in contact with you to discuss your submission if required.

Impact to traffic and occupying Council land

If you require variation to an existing approved Traffic Management Plan or a new Traffic Management Plan is proposed, you must submit it with this application. Additional fees may apply. Call us on 03 9249 4000 to find out if a fee is applicable.

If you need to occupy Council land, such as roads or footpaths, to undertake the works you may require Permit to Occupy Council Land (add link).

Council will only support your application if reasonable justification is provided, considering amenity and traffic impacts on nearby residents and businesses. We reserve the right to refuse your application.

Out of hours works

Sometimes works are necessary to be done outside of the Civil construction, building and demolition guide. You can apply to vary your approved CEMP for ‘Out of Hours Works’ if you:

  • Apply before the commencement date of proposed works
  • Pay the application and daily fee
  • Complete the application form including details of
    • the scope of works
    • hours of operation
    • why works cannot be undertaken during ordinary hours, and
    • methods employed to mitigate any amenity or other potential impacts.
  • Provide out of hours contact details of the site supervisor in the event works are causing a nuisance. The supervisor must be available to answer all calls during the out of hours work activity
  • Notify residents/business likely to be affected at least 4 days prior to works commencing using Council’s notification letter template. A map of the letter drop area must be included in your application.

Apply for out of hours works

  1. Complete the application form (73.2 KB) and include:
    •  a draft copy of your completed Resident notification letter (37.1 KB)
    • map of the proposed area of properties likely to be affected by the works.
      Applications will not be processed unless these are submitted.
  2. Email your completed application, resident notification letter and map to: with the Planning Permit Number and address in the subject.

An invoice will emailed to you. Your application will be processed and a response provided to you once we receive payment.

Out of Hours Works Application fees 

  • General: $130 (GST included) - more than 10 business days before proposed out of hours works
  • Fast tracked: $260 (GST included) - less than 10 business days before proposed out of hours works
  • Daily fee: $130 (GST included) – multiplied by number of days works will occur out of hours.

Refer to the Planning fee schedule (PDF 420.9 KB) .

Last updated: 30 May 2024 - 6:43pm