Keeping Sunshine safe, beautiful, and vibrant

Tables and stools on paved area in town centre

Business safety and security

Council and Victoria Police continue to work together to improve safety in the Sunshine Town Centre.  Improving safety requires a collaborative approach where everyone plays a role. 

What businesses can do

Businesses are the ‘eyes and ears’ of our community and it’s important to always report a crime by ringing 000.  There are many ways that businesses can create a safer environment for staff and customers while decreasing the cost of crime to business. 

Shopfront presentation

Why presentation matters

  • Attractive shops can increase the amount of customers who notice and enter a business
  • ​Effective visual merchandising and appropriately branded shopfronts can have a clear and positive effect on sales
  • A creative approach to shopfronts can help businesses get more out of their space without the need for expansion or renovations

Need some useful tips to improve the look of your business?  Check out these resources:

Further Information

For more information contact the Sunshine Place Manager via or 9249 4368.

Sunshine Business Association

The Sunshine Business Association (SBA) represents and advocates on behalf of Sunshine Town Centre businesses.  A Marketing Coordinator is employed by the SBA to help deliver marketing and business development events and activities.

The Sunshine Special Rate Scheme (Special Rate) funds the Marketing Coordinator and Marketing and Business Development Program.  Council collects the proceeds from the Special Rate and provides quarterly instalments to the SBA.

Key events delivered by SBA include:

  • Sunshine Short Film Festival
  • Sunshine Lantern Festival
  • Sunshine FOOD Fever
  • Sunshine Street Market
  • White Ribbon Day Breakfast

Further Information

Contact SBA Marketing Coordinator via or 0455 045 545.

Last updated: 3 February 2024 - 10:40am