Engineering standard drawings

Flat and rolled up engineering plans with ruler pencil blank paper

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S110 (PDF 20.1 KB)      A G Drain Detail for Residential Street

S115 (PDF 47.8 KB)      Pavement Make Up Residential & Industrial

S116 (PDF 52.4 KB)      Pavement Make Up Residential & Industrial

S120 (PDF 17.4 KB)      Anchor Block for Reinforced Concrete Pipe

S125 (PDF 17.5 KB)      Anchor Block for Corrugated Metal Plate Pipe

S130 (PDF 47.6 KB)     Property Inlet to Road Drainage

S135 (PDF 28.5 KB)     Property Inlet to Kerb and Channel

S140 (PDF 19.9 KB)      Property Inlet to Easement Drain, Cover Greater than 600

S145 (PDF 20.8 KB)     Property Inlet to Small Dia. Drain, Cover 300-600

S150 (PDF 22.0 KB)     Property Inlet to External Easement, Cover 300-600

S155 (PDF 22.7 KB)      Property Inlet to External Easement, Cover Greater than 600

S200 (PDF 61.9 KB)     Side Entry Pit (900x600)

S201 (PDF 90.7 KB)      Combined Side Entry Pit (900x600) with Grated Pit

S203 (PDF 71.5 KB)       Double Side Entry Pit

S205 (PDF 49.0 KB)     Junction Pit (900x600)

S210 (PDF 67.9 KB)       Grated Side Entry Pit Type A (900 x 600)

S211 (PDF 68.8 KB)       Grated Side Entry Pit Type B (900x600)

S215 (PDF 64.8 KB)      Junction Pit (900 x 600) With An Invert Grate Type A

S216 (PDF 66.4 KB)      Junction Pit (900x600) with an Invert Grate Type B

S220 (PDF 68.1 KB)      Junction Pit (900 x 600) With A Grate And Apron Type A

S221 (PDF 74.6 KB)      Junction Pit (900x600) with a Grate and Apron Type B

S225 (PDF 71.4 KB)      Junction Pit (600x600) with a Heel Guard Grate

S230 (PDF 23.2 KB)      Junction Pit (900x600) in Pavement with a Cast Iron Cover

S231 (PDF 76.9 KB)     Combined Junction Pit (900x600) with Chute Entry Pit

S232 (PDF 93.3 KB)      Chute Entry Structure and Grating Cover (Vehicle Crossing)

S240 (PDF 30.6 KB)      Side Entry Pit (900x600) with a Cast Iron Cover

S245 (PDF 29.6 KB)     Side Entry Pit (900x600) with a Cast Iron Cover for SM2 Kerb and Channel

S250 (PDF 24.5 KB)      Side Entry Pit (900x600) with a Cast Iron Cover for B2 Kerb and Channel

S255 (PDF 61.0 KB)      Haunched Pit

S260 (PDF 51.0 KB)      Grating Pit 300x300 for Footpath Spoon Drain

S265 (PDF 267.8 KB)      Precast Concrete Lintels for Side Entry Pits

S270 (PDF 40.6 KB)     Precast Concrete Pit Lids Type A and Type B

S275 (PDF 40.8 KB)      Step Iron Details

S280 (PDF 31.8 KB)      Alteration to Existing Side Entry Pit

S300 (PDF 25.8 KB)      Kerb and Channel Sections

S310 (PDF 21.7 KB)     Layback Sections & Invert Channel

S315 (PDF 85.2 KB)      Pram Crossing at Intersections

S320 (PDF 33.9 KB)     Single Residential Vehicle Crossing

S321 (PDF 36.5 KB)    Single Residential Vehicle Crossing for Angled Driveways

S325 (PDF 36.8 KB)      Shared Residential Vehicle Crossing

S330 (PDF 36.9 KB)     Light to Heavy Industrial Vehicle Crossing

S335 (PDF 74.1 KB)      Residential Vehicle Crossing with Footpath Next to Kerb

S340 (PDF 13.5 KB)      Spiked Kerb

S346 (PDF 28.1 KB)     Footpath Articulated (Tree) Joint

S345 (PDF 70.6 KB)    Joint Details

S350 (PDF 39.1 KB)     Concrete Footpath Details

S400 (PDF 90.1 KB)     Standard Road Humps (Watts Profile) Paving Blocks

S401 (PDF 102.0 KB)      Standard Road Humps (Watts Profile) Asphalt   Concrete

S405 (PDF 88.3 KB)      Standard Road Humps (Flat Top) Type 1

S406 (PDF 72.1 KB)     Standard Road Humps (Flat Top) Type 2

S407 (PDF 139.1 KB)     Standard Road Hump Flat Top Type 3 (Coloured Ashphalt Concrete)

S408 (PDF 101.7 KB)      Standard Road Hump Flat Top Type 4 (Bus friendly hump)

S415 (PDF 19.0 KB)    Indented Storage Bay for Buses

S420 (PDF 72.3 KB)    Standard Traffic Island Detail

S510 (PDF 32.9 KB)     Street Name Plate

S515 (PDF 17.7 KB)     Treated Pine Bollard

S516 (PDF 54.5 KB)     Cypress Bollard

S517 (PDF 57.9 KB)      Removable Cypress Pine Bollard

S520 (PDF 31.7 KB)     Signage Installation Details

S525 (PDF 124.6 KB)    Indented Carparking Bay

S530 (PDF 27.4KB)    Bluestone Kerb & Channel

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