Amendment C214brim - Development Contributions Plan 2022

March 2024 update

Published on 8 April 2024

In accordance with Section 28(2) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, notice is given of Council’s decision as Planning Authority to abandon Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C214brim.

Amendment C214brim was prepared by Council and proposed to implement the draft Development Contributions Plan 2022 (draft DCP 2022).

At its meeting on Tuesday 19 March 2024, Council resolved to abandon Amendment C214brim due to the financial and strategic risks associated with progressing the amendment.

For more information, please view our Council report and minutes or contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 03 9249 4000 or at

December 2023 Update

Amendment C214brim – Development Contributions Plan 2022

Amendment C214brim proposes to implement the draft Development Contributions Plan 2022 (draft DCP 2022). The draft DCP 2022 only applies to new residential development and if approved would:

  • collect about $7.8 million over 20 years
  • help fund 48 new community infrastructure projects.

Strategic work justifying the need, location and cost of these projects wasn't available when we wrote the Municipal Development Contributions Plan 2016, which was approved in January 2018 through Amendment C187brim.

Projects proposed to receive funds through the draft DCP 2022 came from the:

Key changes

  • Introduce new levies for new residential development by amending Schedule 2 of the Development Contributions Plan Overlay;
  • Make minor updates to relevant local policies; and
  • Include the DCP 2022 as an Incorporated Document in the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

The proposed new levy would apply in addition to the existing levy, which would remain in place. The proposed new levies range from $424 up to $799 (2022/23 financial year) per additional dwelling developed on a site.

Exhibition period and submissions

Amendment C214brim was exhibited from 10 August 2023 to 3 November 2023, in accordance with Section 19 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act).

Council received a number of submissions about the Amendment. Council officers are currently preparing responses to the submissions. A report about these submissions is likely to be presented to Council early in 2024.

In accordance with Section 21(2) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, submissions will be available to be inspected at the Council office until the end of two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses.

Next steps

Council has notified the Minister for Planning and submitters of Council’s decision to abandon Amendment C214brim and the reasons for this decision.

Documents which form part of the Amendment

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