Food premises and safety

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Under the Food Act 1984 (Vic), you must notify us of any food-related business before you can start trading. Depending on your business, you may require other permits or obligations to keep the public safe.

Pay or renew your registration

Your food business registration always applies to the period of 1 January to 31 December, even if you apply late in the year. Registration must be renewed before 31 December each year. Penalty fees may apply if you do not pay by the due date.

You can pay your registration or renewal fee: 

Special cases

Foodtrader for mobile food premises

These include:

  • relocatable tents
  • stalls
  • mobile vans
  • vending machines.

Since July 2011 a state-wide single registration system enables market stalls, other temporary premises, food vans, and food vending machines to operate anywhere in Victoria. Visit the Foodtrader website for more information.

Operators of premises registered in Foodtrader are required to:

  • be annually registered with the municipality in which the premises is based and
  • lodge a statement of trade including details of where you will trade.

We can inspect food vans, stalls, and food vending machines in line with our policies.

Temporary food vendor application and community group activities

Please contact our Environmental Health team on 03 9249 4000 or email for information on:

  • temporary events
  • sausage sizzles.


Food sold within the municipality must be safe and suitable for human consumption. Inspections enforce:

  • clean food premises
  • satisfactory food handling practices
  • safe storage, manufacture, cooking, and display of food.

We also conduct investigations in response to food complaints. Call our Environmental Health team on 03 9249 4000 during business hours.

Training and safety 

Compulsory food safety programs

All Class 1 and 2 food businesses in our municipality must have a Food Safety Program in place before commencing a new food business or transferring an existing food business.

The Food Safety Program is a document that establishes, monitors, and records all your procedures and systems to ensure that all food you sell is safe. This document must be available on-site at all times if requested by one of our team members.

All Class 3 Food Businesses in our area are required to keep minimum Food Safety Records. Please contact the Environmental Health Department if you require a copy.

Food safety supervisor

All Class 1 and 2 food businesses must have an appointed Food Safety Supervisor. This Supervisor must have a certificate at the required competency standard relevant to your industry.

You can search for training in your area on the Victorian Skills Gateway website by entering ‘food safety’ in the ‘search’ box.

Last updated: 30 January 2024 - 9:49pm