Keeping St Albans safe, clean and on the go

photo of CCTV camera

Business safety and security


The Department of Justice’s Public Safety Infrastructure Fund has given us a grant to install Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in certain areas of the St Albans Town Centre. 

View more information about the St Albans CCTV project or contact the St Albans Town Centre Place Manager on 039249 4000.

Security Kit

Victoria Police's Business Security Information eKit and our Improving Safety in Town Centres Brochure (PDF 477KB) tells you how to reduce crime and its cost to your business and the community.

It also helps you to develop procedures about everyday business practices such as cash handling, strengthening business surveillance and personal safety.

No double parking or stopping in Alfrieda Street 

Double parking and stopping in the traffic lane interferes with the traffic, public transport, access to emergencies and can cause accidents. Victoria Police and Council are patrolling Alfrieda Street, St Albans.

More information about double parking is available in English (PDF 375KB) and Vietnamese  (PDF 101KB).

Keep St Albans beautiful

A clean St Albans builds customer confidence, raises profits, and helps the environment. 

It's everyone’s responsibility to keep their shopfronts clean and tidy, and not allow it to be used to sell goods on the footpath. Selling goods on the footpath is risky business.

More information about selling goods on the footpath is available in English (PDF 778KB)and Vietnamese (PDF 101KB)

St Albans Business Group

A Marketing Coordinator works with the St Albans Business Group Association (SABGA) to help deliver marketing and business development events and activities.

A special rate scheme funds the Marketing Coordinator and Marketing and Business Development Program. Council collects this from all commercial properties in the St Albans Town Centre, and provides it to SABGA every quarter. 

For further information contact the Marketing Coordinator Gemma Loyer on 0421 147 777 or email

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Last updated: 7 June 2024 - 12:20pm