Parking permit policy

Our Parking permit policy (DOCX 67.3 KB) guides permit parking practices, and provides the policy basis for the provision of car parking in key activity centres and high demand residential areas, in Brimbank.

This policy focuses on providing a fair, equitable and efficient permit parking system for all road users.

The objectives of the Parking permit policy, which are aligned with our Parking Strategy, are to:

  • provide a fair, equitable and efficient parking system for residents, service providers, visitors and people with special parking needs
  • prioritise the use of Council-owned public parking spaces using the hierarchy as identified in the Parking Strategy
  • have a clear, transparent and evidence based approach to introduce parking permit areas
  • allow eligible residents to park in designated areas that have been designated for residential permit
  • protect the integrity of the street and ensure there is a balanced need between users and ensure traffic and safety is not adversely impacted.


Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 2:56pm