Working at Brimbank

Head shot of Fiona Blair CEO entitled Brimbank People

Working for our community

Brimbank City Council is a local government that is welcoming, diverse and proud – just like the community we serve.

Being community first underpins everything we do. It means working and advocating for our community, being innovative, future-focused and responsive. It also means applying these same principles to the way we work with each other by connecting, collaborating and making an impact every day.

Meet our Chief Executive Officer Fiona Blair and learn what makes Brimbank a great place to work: how we invest in our people, support flexible work, and offer a learning environment.

We aim to make a positive and meaningful difference to the Brimbank community.  We also strive to make sure our work environment is safe, healthy and professional, and encourages productivity and growth.

This includes designing and building contemporary spaces and places, being fair and transparent, looking after our environment and our assets, and spending money wisely.

A City that is transforming

Brimbank is booming, located in the centre of Melbourne’s growing west, major infrastructure projects including the Melbourne Airport Rail have the potential to transform our City and deliver positive and lasting change.

We want to build a city which provides opportunities for everyone to thrive and prosper, a city that is sustainable and innovative, where we celebrate our diversity and a place where everyone feels welcome.

Making our City the best it can be

Every person working for Brimbank City Council shares our aspiration to make our City the best it can be.

Brimbank is a place for connection, collaboration and achievement, where we can all thrive and our work has meaning and impact.

Every person who works at Brimbank contributes to making the City a better place and supporting the diverse needs of our community.

We always act with integrity, we focus on outcomes and we are open, adaptable and curious about new ideas and ways of working.

We are also respectful and value diversity, fairness and equity and work together.

At Brimbank, we are always looking out for the safety and wellbeing of ourselves, each other and our community.

Hear from our people

Meet Mohammed

It is very rewarding because you get to go home every day feeling like I have made an impact in someone's life.

Mohammed Isa,
Neighbourhood House
Unit Coordinator


Meet Michelle

[Three core pillars of Brimbank's Council Plan - Transforming Brimbank, social justice and climate emergency] for me, are priorities, personally and professionally, so I get to live my values through my work.

Michelle Van Gerrevink,
Manager, Environment


Meet Damir

[The Brimbank team has] a lot of integrity and they like working together in trying to address the varied and diverse needs of this multicultural community.

Damir Lendich, Coordinator,
Brimbank Youth Services


Meet Alessandra

If you're considering a career at Brimbank, it is a very friendly and supportive environment and you're gonna love it.

Alessandra Masi Sartori,
Human Resources Advisor


Meet Verna

Everybody helps each other ... If you finish a round, you go and help somebody else, so we all get back at the same time. If you're thinking of applying for a job at Brimbank, go for it. You'll never look back. 

Verna Pateman,
Waste Services Driver


Meet Josie and Christine

I love helping people, working in a team and every day is different.
Josie Pompei
Family Parent Coach

Brimbank is a very good place to really hone your skills because of all the different languages and cultural practices. It constantly makes you think outside the box.
Christine Hayward
Maternal and Child Health Nurse


Meet Elicia

Brimbank is really family-orientated. When I went on maternity leave and coming back to work after having my son, they've been really supportive.

Elicia Pattison


Meet William

I chose Council because I wanted to be able to give back to my community. I grew up in St Albans  so I figured if I'm getting my experience from it, I might also be able to give back to the community.

William Hlikhin
Apprentice Mechanic


Meet Rachel and Ipek

Meaningful communication is an equal responsibility for both parties.
Ipek Houssein

We recognized that adding Auslan training into our service would be something that could benefit deaf community members and staff to be able to communicate effectively and meet these customers on their side of the communication bridge.
Rachel D'Arcy

Senior Library Services and Program Officers


Meet David

I love working here just from the positive energy that everyone brings and the transparency through management and yeah just a very energetic workplace.

David Tripepi,
Parks Coordinator


Meet Emma

You can't sit on the sidelines with safety. You have to speak up. You have to get involved. You have to be actively present.

Emma Taylor
OHS Coordinator


Meet Jonathan and Breanna

At the Leisure Centre, we've a real collaborative approach.We really try and work together to ensure we get the best outcome for our community and we share decision-making across our entire team.
Jonathan Burton
Aquatic Services Unit Manager

I would 100% recommend anyone to join our team as long as they've got a fun and positive attitude, Bring It On.
Breanna Harris
Customer Service Officer


Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 4:41pm