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Climate Emergency Plan

The global ecological and climate emergency is mobilising communities everywhere. Many people, including Brimbank residents, are speaking up to demand urgent action.

The Climate Emergency Plan is a plan for the whole municipality. Its purpose is to outline Council’s position statement on the climate emergency. Through the plan Council is able to take a municipal leadership role while promoting action and collaboration with our municipality.

Read the full Climate emergency plan.

Emissions reduction targets

Council commits to pursuing strong emission reduction targets. These targets have been set recognising the science on climate change, the scale and speed of change required and the opportunities available to achieve deep cuts to emissions.

Check our progress

Report cards show how we’re tracking on our progress to ‘electrify everything’ and reach zero net emissions for the municipality by 2040.



100% Renewable for Community

What's on offer for your community group

Climate emergency community grants

The Climate Emergency Grant stream is available as part of the Brimbank Community Grants Program. Climate Emergency Grants will be available to support the community to implement projects that support greenhouse emissions reduction and climate adaptation within Brimbank.

Visit the community grants program website for more information about when rounds open and how to apply.

    What Brimbank Council is doing to go 100% renewable

    Electrifying Council-owned buildings

    We're electrifying all Council facilities to phase out the use of fossil fuel natural gas and enable greater use of renewable energy.  

    Over 1,000 KW of rooftop solar PV has been installed at nearly all of our facilities and have trialled solar battery storage at the Sunshine West Community Centre.

    We have adopted an Environmentally Sustainable Design Framework, requiring energy efficient design and sustainable energy as standard for all new Council facilities.

    High efficiency LED street lighting

    About 11,000 mercury vapour residential street lights have been replaced with high efficiency LED lights.

    A further 4000 major road lights are also in the process of being replaced with high efficiency LED lights.

    Altogether these projects are saving Council millions dollars over the coming decades and have slashed our street light networks energy demand by more than half.

    Electric vehicles and charging stations

    We are transitioning Council's fleet of vehicles to electric and other zero emissions vehicles.

    Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at the Sunshine Multi-Deck Carpark and Keilor Operations Centre and a first batch of electric vehicles have been bought. This includes two locally manufactured electric tipper trucks now servicing Council’s parks.

    We have also developed a plan to further guide a transition to a zero emissions Council fleet by 2030.

    Victorian Energy Collaboration

    We've joined VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration, Australia’s largest local government sector emissions reduction project.

    All Brimbank Council buildings, sports grounds, community venues, leisure centres and street lights are now powered by 100% renewable electricity.

    This will save 260,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere every year – the same as taking 90,000 cars off the road.

    Australia's first zero emissions aquatic centre

    The Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre which opened in 2022 will be Australia’s first zero emissions aquatic centre powered by renewable energy.

    The key renewable energy and enabling technologies include a four-pipe heat pump system that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling, including water-to-water heat recovery that will provide a whole-of-facility heating for all spaces including pools and showers.

    Shifting away from traditional gas boilers used at other aquatic centres, the centre has installed:

    • 88 kilolitre above ground thermal energy storage system
    • 500 kW of solar PV
    • heat recovery system and
    • direct digital control systems.

    Any excess electricity the facility requires will be provided by a 100 per cent renewable energy power purchase agreement.

    The Australian Government has committed $1.53 million towards the innovative system, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency's (ARENA) Advancing Renewables Program.

    Last updated: 30 January 2024 - 5:39pm