Councillor Portfolios Policy

In 2018 Council established a portfolio system to complement and support Council’s governance structure in addition to briefings and formal decision making processes.

The portfolio system comprises 11 portfolios that are aligned to the strategic objectives of the Council Plan.

Councillors are appointed to portfolios for a period of two years, with the exception of the Resilient Brimbank portfolio, which is automatically allocated to the Mayor each term.

The main role of portfolio Councillors is to be a knowledge champion for issues within their appointed portfolio. Portfolio Councillors should not become involved in the operational aspects of the portfolio area and adhere at all times to the Councillor Code of Conduct, as updated by Council from time to time.

Portfolio allocation

Portfolio Councillor/s
#Resilient Brimbank Cr Lancashire (Mayor)  This portfolio is allocated to the current mayor, as per the Terms of Reference
#Vibrant Brimbank Cr Rasic
#Prosperous Brimbank Cr Papalia
#Sustainable Brimbank Cr O'Reilly
#Brimbank People Cr Borg
#Liveable Brimbank Cr Kerr
#Brimbank Innovation Cr Nguyen
#Brimbank Proud Cr Dang
#Healthy Brimbank Cr Branton
#Connecting Brimbank Cr David JP
#Tourism Cr Tachos
Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 4:55pm