Amendment C202 – Interim Heritage Overlay

Extension to the Interim Heritage Overlay

February 2020 updateThe Interim Heritage Overlay (Amendment C202) that applies to the Grand Junction Estate and Matthew’s Hill Precinct, Sunshine, (Precinct) expires on 27 March 2020. The expiry date was determined by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning.

It is unlikely that Council’s request to the Minister for Planning (Minister) to approve Amendment C200 Part 2 will be determined prior to the lapse date of the Interim Heritage Overlay. Council resolved at its Ordinary Council Meeting of 18 February 2020 to request an extension to the expiry date to ensure properties in the Precinct are protected while the Minister makes his decision.

The process for extending the interim protection requires a new planning scheme amendment (Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C218). This amendment process is procedural. Land owners and occupiers will be notified of the Minister’s decision.

September 2019 Update

Council’s request to the Minister for Planning for an Interim Heritage Overlay (Amendment C202) was approved on Friday 20 September 2019. All land owners affected by Amendment C202 will be notified in writing shortly.

The approval means an Interim Heritage Overlay now applies to all land identified in the Grand Junction Estate and Matthews Hill precinct (which is also subject to Amendment C200 – Part 2). Properties which are already affected by a Heritage Overlay are excluded from this Amendment.  A map showing the land affected can be found at the link below.

The Interim Heritage Overlay is temporary, and has been put in place until a decision is made on Amendment C200 Part 2. The Interim Heritage Overlay will lapse in March 2020, however Council may seek an extension if Amendment C200 Part 2 has not been resolved.

The Interim Heritage Overlay will introduce planning permit requirements. Planning permits are often required for extensions, external changes to a building and for fences. 

A planning permit will also be required for any demolition within the precinct, regardless of the proposed grading of the property in Amendment C200 – Part 2.

For further details and to source Amendment documents please see the following:

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