Property information

Area plan with buildings, roads and land parcel - concept with a red pushpin on it

If you are wanting to obtain property information relating to:


Apply to obtain Building property information including:

  • Permits or certificates issued in the preceding 10 years
  • Current determinations made under regulation 64(1) or exemptions granted under regulation 231(2)
  • Current notice, order, certificate or statement issued under the Building Act or the Building Regulations
  • information regarding flooding, termites, bush fire and designated land uncontrolled overland drainage issues

Roads and drainage

Apply to obtain Roads or drainage property information including:

  • Legal point of discharge - the nominated point of discharge for proposed works and details of our assets within the property. If there are easements on the property, these details will also be provided.
  • Council drains external to property - details of council drains, if they exist, abutting the property

Please note: regarding landfill information – if you're intending to build, you need to obtain a geo-technical engineer's report.


    Apply to obtain planning advice including:

    • Confirm if a planning permit is required for a proposed use, a change in use, or development (including signage)
    • Obtain advice on what zone or overlay affects your property
    • Obtain advice or guidance on interpreting the Brimbank planning scheme or other planning legislation
    • Obtain advice on any other planning related enquiries

    Apply to obtain copies of planning permits and/or endorsed plans including:

    • Search the planning history (including permits etc.) of a site
    • Obtain copies of permits and endorsed plans (or other decisions) of a site


    Apply to obtain a land information certificate including:

    • Current valuation on the property
    • Rates charged, any arrears and/ or interest charged on the property
    • Any other property debts.

    This information is required prior to the sale of a property so the correct settlement can be made.

    Ownership information

    Apply to obtain ownership information Including:

    • For fencing purposes
    • Building purposes
    • or consent to release ownership information to an authorised third party.
      Last updated: 30 January 2024 - 1:37pm