Political Party Membership Register

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This register contains details of both current and previous political party memberships held by Councillors.

Register of Councillors' Political Party Membership

Councillor   Current Membership  Previous Membership
Grasslands ward      
Cr Victoria Borg   Independent


Cr Sarah Branton   n/a

Greens Party 2022-2023

Cr Thuy Dang

  n/a n/a
Harvester ward      
Cr Sam David JP   Australian Labour Party (Life Member)


Cr Jasmine Nguyen    Australian Labour Party (since 2017)


Cr Thomas O'Reilly   Independent n/a
Horseshoe Bend ward      
Cr Jae Papalia   Independent n/a
Cr Virginia Tachos   Independent Australian Labour Party (1990-2013)
Taylors ward      
Cr Maria Kerr   Liberal Party of Australia (since 2017) n/a
Cr Bruce Lancashire   n/a n/a
Cr Ranka Rasic   Australian Labour Party (since 2015) n/a
Last updated: 14 May 2024 - 1:09pm